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A Free Online Game-Commando 3

Are you an action game lover? Commando 3 is a high quality action game where you are going to play as a commando. You have to kill the enemies around your base. It’s a great action game and while playing it you will have the best thrilling experience.
Commando 3 is not much difficult to play. You can move your character by using the keyboard. W, S, A, and D are the keys that you can use to move the character. You can use the mouse to aim at the enemies. Press Q to select the next weapons and you can also go back to the previous weapon by pressing E. You can select male or female character also. The game is very impressive and while playing it you can get lots of fun. The game is a very high quality one and its graphics is just great. You can play it for free from anywhere of the world.



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