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Survive with all your might in Warface 2

If there is one tremendous, tough and courageous job in the entire world, it is being a soldier. Achieving this profession is tough and one needs a lot of strength physically and emotionally. Being a soldier is more of practical activities than written aspects although the latter is integral too. Being strong despite being away from loved one while witnessing and engaging in dangerous adventure and action which sometimes cause death or injuries a soldier has to survive.

Warface 2 (5)

That is the reason why we should be thankful to the soldiers who everyday sacrifice their life in order to acquire peace. This article is related to the profession or skills of a soldier and it is called Warface 2. Your mission is to act like a soldier who is stuck in a snow storm in a middle of nowhere. You will have to deal with different freaky stuff and dangerous enemies. There will be weapons provided in the game which you have to utilize to win in this war game.


Check the power and trajectory in Golf Jam

Golf is one of the emerging sports in the world. But some people often find this game lavish and for the rich ones only because of two reasons. First is the location where it will be played or held which is usually occurs in Golf Course with green surroundings. Second is the equipment which are quite expensive as well as the vehicle used which is called Golf Cart. It may be very expensive but it is indeed a fulfilling and entertaining game. If you are looking for an alternative, you can rely on the flash game that this article is presenting. The flash game is called Golf Jam.

The good thing about this game is that it is for free and really exciting. The gameplay in here is the same with the real life sports of Golf. The player will be in a virtual golf course. He or she will be given equipment to use. The goal is to hit the ball towards the designated hole. The player will maximize the mouse by aiming and clicking. Aiming occurs when the player is choosing the direction while clicking occurs when he or she is going to hit the ball.


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