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A holiday-filled game in Santalicious

Christmas is one of the celebrated holidays in the entire world because of three reasons or factors. First is because of the atmosphere that this holiday brings such as the cold breeze and weather which soothes everyone around the world. Second is because of the fact that it is the time for giving and loving tremendously. Last is because it is celebrated by the most famous man which is Santa Claus. Everyone loves him because of many reasons especially, kids. This article that you are currently reading at the moment is presenting a flash game about Santa Claus. The name of the game is Santalicious.

Do you have any idea what is this game all about? If not, then you should continue reading the entirety of this content. The story in this game is that Santa Claus is running out of time in his schedule to bring gifts to many kids around the world. Your goal is to help him pack the sweet candies and goodies within the time limit so that they will be ready for delivery.


Santalicious 2


Triple the challenge in Return Man 3

Return Man 3 is the third edition from the game series called Return Man. Most people find this game odd in terms of the title because they don’t understand what it means the first time they notice or see in on the online world. Most of them are confused if it is a movie, a television series or a flash game. The main reason why it is called “Return Man” is because of the position of the player in the sports of Football. The main goal in this entire series is to make or create a touchdown to win.

The return man acts as the play maker who will lead his team towards the triumphant touchdown. This third edition offers a lot of things to be enjoyed. The main goal of the player who will be dealing with it is to lead the football team to make touchdowns as many as possible. The features involve new skills that can boost one’s performance in the entire game. There will be necessary keys for you to memorize in order to control the character in the game.


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