Reach the end line with Potty Racers 4

Do you want something unique in terms of the gaming world? If your answer is a yes, then you will surely be interested with the game called Potty Racers 4. This game is the fourth installment from the flash game series called Potty Racers. The main tool or vehicle in this game is a port-a-potty. This is the unique feature in this series.

Potty Racers 4 (4)

The players’ mission is to create a port-a-plane that the stick figure will be using in reaching its destination. The starting line is located in New York City and the end line will be at the other side of the world. One great thing about this game is that gamers have the chance to challenge themselves through the tough and interesting gameplay. There are two great things that a player can get. First is the graphics that are attractive and entertaining. Second is the eye and hand coordination which is greatly enhanced while playing this game.


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