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Compete with other racers in Rich Cars 5

If you enjoyed playing Rich Cars game series, get ready to once again drive in another death defying race against time in Rich Cars 5. And now, you will not only race against time, you will also race against other racers as well. You will have to complete challenges before you can go to the next level. You will perform more dangerous and better stunts in dangerous roads full of obstacles and different props. Since you are competing with other racers, it is a must that you be in the top before you can acquire the best cars in world.

Rich Cars 5 has added new features to the game. Aside from competing with other racers, you also have a chance to have more upgrades if you do quests that has nothing to do with the main objectives. Read more about the game and pay for free in



Have your own Shopping Street

Did you ever dream of becoming a business tycoon? If you are a business minded person, you will surely indulge in the game Shopping Street. In this game, you will build your very own shopping street. And take note, not only one and not only in one state. You will build and grow your business in the streets of Houston, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Start a boutique and eventually built other retail stores. Put up benches, bus stop and newsstands for slow shoppers.

Shopping Street (4)

You will level up once you reach your goal within the given number of days. Each state has four levels. Complete all sixteen levels and be the richest and most successful businessman. Shopping Street is a time management game. You have to find out what strategy you can use to reach your goal before time runs out. It is a challenging adventure strategy game.

Chaos creation is a must in Traffic Slam Arena

Yin and Yang usually means that there are two sides in everything in this world. Many people have different opinions which is very understandable but this article can be wrong or right about the Yin and Yang. In every goodness, there is always a bad side no matter how small or thin it is. In every positive perspective corresponds a negative one. In every advantages, comes a disadvantage or two. With every strength, hides a weakness. In a flash game, there are always two sides. A bad game to a great game. An educational one to a simple game. Traffic Slam Arena is a perfect example of a flash game that incorporates the mentioned scenarios or situations.

Traffic Slam Arena provides entertainment that will surely excites gamers whether they are young or old ones. As a player, you have to create destruction in any way you can using your indestructible vehicle. Crash every cars and trucks on the road and turn the peaceful highway in a chaotic one. The greater destruction you create, the higher your score is. There have been experiments and surveys regarding the popularity of this game and here are the findings which you can see online.


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