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Kill those rebels in The Strangers 2

If you had played The Strangers, you will surely enjoy yet another shooting game in its second sequel, The Stranger 2. But this sequel has a totally different plot for its prequel except for the shooting and saving part. This time you will save a village from rebels. You will shoot the rebels who are wearing green. You must not shoot a civilian or else it will be game over. There are five locations: the village entrance, home, the church, the school and the jungle.

The Strangers 2

You must not let the rebels attack or burn your structures. You must kill the number of rebels required in each location. The Stranger 2 is much harder than its prequel. Aside from night setting, you can only see through your rifle in the dark surrounding. And the villagers who are fleeing can also be accidentally hit by your bullet. It may be hard but the challenge will surely not bore you.


Help the Penguin fly in Learn To Fly 1

It is a fact that Penguins are aquatic birds which cannot fly. A penguin toppled upon “Kiwipedia” and read that penguins have no ability to fly. Determined to prove this wrong, he will do everything to fly. So you have got to help this aspiring penguin in his quest to learn to fly. The goal of the game is to fly as high and as long as possible before hitting the water.


Your score, which is also equivalent to cash, depends on your performance. Use the cash you received in buying glider and rocket and upgrades. A glider helps you control your flight. A rocket will increase your flight distance and duration. There are five levels to play, but you have to complete some achievements first before you can play higher levels. Find out more and play for free in

Townhouse Basement Escape to make it

If you are into solving puzzles and finding pieces, you will enjoy escape flash games. One of the enjoyable escape games is Townhouse Basement Escape. It is an escape game developed by Eight Games. You are trapped in the townhouse basement. You need to find items from three locations and solve puzzles so you can eventually escape from the basement. And if you are good in finding items and solving puzzles, you will not get lost and succeed in escaping from the basement after a short while of playing.

Playing this game, you need great perseverance to find items, solve puzzles and finally escape. So for people who love solving problems and finding hidden things, this is a perfect game to enjoy in between stressful works. And if you really think you got stuck, do not distress for there is also a walkthrough ready for your reference.


Test Your Weapons in Flakboy 4

A strategy game or a strategic game is a type of game in which the player’s ability to plan and decision making skills can determine the outcome of the game. One good example of this kind of game today is the Flakboy 4. This is the forth sequel of the game series Flakboy. Generally, the game is about testing different types of weapons to determine which weapons and items can inflict harm the most. The game’s setting is in a lab and the testing dummy is a blue alien like figure with four eyes.

Flakboy 4

The game requires proper planning to pass each level and into the higher ones. In this 4th version of the game, new pictures and videos can be viewed under the gallery. Additional achievements are also attainable. So what are you waiting for? Check out this game on and see if you can win in this game of strategy.

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