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Fight in Metal Mayhem; World Tour

Anybody who loves to fight will surely love this fighting motorsports too. This is strictly only for teens and above because this is a car destroying game. In this game, you are going to use your car as a weapon. Always get ready to face your dangerous opponents in dangerous arenas.

Your ultimate goal is to destroy all your legitimate warrior opponents only in a given time. Try to win each and every match. You need to earn money during the game so you have something to spend in buying new trucks and cars. You also need plenty of money in upgrading your cars with stronger weapons and reloaded armors and so on. It is a very easy game. Just use arrow keys in driving, Z in switching weapon, X to drift and C to shoot. You will surely comeback and play this game one more time.

Metal Mayhem World Tour (3)


The Scare of Your Life in Scary Maze Game

Ever wondered how is it to an exciting play a game you get to enjoy and get scared of at the same time? Then wonder no more, Scary Maze Game is here! You can try this game on game does not only spark your curiosity because of its scaring nature but also because it is a cool game to play besides its quite simple graphics and yet very simple objective.


The game will not take you long to finish. It only has four levels with different levels of difficulties and with a steady hand, you can finish it in just a few minutes and get to the scary part real quick. You might regret finishing the game though because it will give you the scare of your life! So what are you waiting for? Try this cool game everyone has been talking about!

My Dolphin Show 1: give your best

Because of Dolphin’s demand in black market, illegal distributors hunt them down. So there are organizations and government institutions that protect its welfare. By 1960, dolphin grew in numbers and they are seen around the world. But they are also exploited so its awareness and pubic concerns unite to dolphin’s defense. My Dolphin Show 1 will allow you to play with dolphins without harming them. You can have it here:


It has aqua park concept where you can be a dolphin. The aim is to do tricks and collect point while entertaining the people within limited time. An example of trick is the hoop jump and screw dives. These aquatic stunts can be performed by swimming fast and jumping high through arrow keys control. So, the trainer will spontaneously give tasks while rewarding you with fish after each successful attempt. The audience must be kept happy so you will stay in the game. My Dolphin Show 1, indeed, is very fascinating.

Help the Aunt in Holly Hobbie: Muffin Maker

Do you like baking? If you are affirmative with it, then you will surely like the flash game, which will be tackled in this article. The title is Holly Hobbie: Muffin Maker. However, before that, let us talk about baking essentials. It is one of the skills that people want to learn because it can be a great hobby and business as well.

Holly Hobbie Muffin Maker' (3)

Going back to the game, this is all about baking. Even if it is a virtual thing, you will learn a lot. Start getting details by reading the rest of the content. The scenario in this game is that Holly, Hobbie and Amy wants to help Holly’s aunt in baking muffins. The player’s role is to simply follow the instruction in the game as well as utilizing the ingredients of a muffin. Perform the steps provide in the screen and you will be successful in baking your own muffin as well as helping Holly, Hobbie and Amy with their goal.

Holly Hobbie Muffin Maker' (1)

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