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Many games to play with Sniper Games

What do you know about Sniper Games? Do you have any idea what is this all about? Well, it is ok if you are clueless about this game but after reading this article, you will surely be informed and familiar with it. Sniper games is a compilation of sniper related games. If you love these kind of games, then this is the perfect compilation for you. You can dig that details online or rely first on this article. The good thing about this compilation is that you can have lots of options to deal with so you will not be bored at all.
The games that you can find in this compilation are Sniper Team 1, Sniper Team 2, Sniper Team 3 and Sniper Team 4. Each game is connected with each other. Sniper Team 1 is all about introduction of the series while the latest one is the Sniper Team 4. Their objectives are all related which is about killing and shooting enemies with a special gun.



Retrieve the stars in Potty Racers 4

What is the difference between a flash game and a video game? Flash games can be found, downloaded and played online while a video game can be played through consoles like PlayStation and the ones found in an arcade or gaming center. Due to the advancement of technology, games are now easier to play and download compared to the video games in the past. There are different categories of flash games that a player can freely choose. If you like something unique, you can try the flash game called Potty Racers 4. This game utilizes a potty that will be used by the racer in the game. This is not a simple game because you will also have to retrieve the stars lost apart from racing in certain tracks. This is a snafu ride fun game developed by Gonzo Games. If you are excited to play, search this game now online.

Potty Racers 4 (1)

Explore The Space With Hyper Sphere Game!

Here’s one space game for space lovers! Some virus has captured your space station. Now you need to destroy that virus by collecting power crystals. You need to collect all of them using your hyper sphere, of you want to bring back the control to people. To move your hyper sphere you will use your arrow keys. You will have a map in the right top corner so you can locate yourself. While you move and collect crystals, you need to be careful with the bombs attacking you. And also pay attention not to fall. Be careful because you have a certain umber of lives. To complete the level you need to collect all the crystals. There will also be trap doors that will move or open and close. You need to be careful with them, too. Wait for them to close so you can move across them. Have a lot of fun!


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