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Puzzle of Doodle God 3!!

An interesting puzzle game is here, Doodle God 3! The objective of the game is to create new elements by finding out combination. The elements are part of the universe. So the game can measure your knowledge and skill. Have Fun!
At the beginning you will get 4 elements like air, water, earth and fire. Moreover there are 196 elements all together and overall a player needs to make 196 elements of 21 groups. Player has to find which 2 elements can make a particular useful element. For example, the combination of ice and milk makes Ice-cream, the combination of fire and earth produces lava, so these is how the game will go on. Remember, to be promoted in the next level you will need to make any element faster. You can get good scores by making the elements more and more. Use mouse for playing the game.



Pick Some Clothes An Have Fun In Spongebob Dress Up

This is a very funny game suited for kids of all ages! You will be dressing up your favorite cartoon character, Sponge Bob. Many kids like him and they will certainly enjoy this game. In the Spongebob Dress Up you can choose from a variety of clothes and shoes for your hero. You can make him just the way you want. This is your chance to hang out with Bob and make him pretty. You can dress him up as pirate, an astronaut, or even a maid. Choose from all kinds of clothes and accessories. You can make him a boxer or a ballet dancer, it is your choice. Choose from a variety of interesting hats, gloves and glasses. Put him on the right shoes, sneakers or boots. You do all that only with your mouse. The game is very easy to play and doesn’t require any special skills. It just requires your creativity and imagination.

Spongebob Dress Up

Wake Up The Box: A Lovable Physics Based Game

This is a very funny game that has a very strange goal. You goal in this game is to wake up a sleeping box. Wake up the box is a strategy game and it is based on physics. It is suitable for kids of almost all ages but also for adults. Kids under the age of 7 will not be able to play it, but they will certainly enjoy watching you play. Graphics are very simple, but cute.
Little box is sleeping at some weird places and in the background you will see some stars, a moon and a cloud. To wake her up you will use different strategies. You can push, drag or smack her. And you will also use some wooden objects to do that. There is also some very interesting feature: a sleep meter. It will help you see how much there is left to wake the box up. Try it out here:

wake up the box  (2)

Shoot The Black Guy In Ricochet Kills 1

Shooting games lovers get ready because a real challenge is waiting for you. Ricochet Kills 1 is the first one in the series of these great shooting games. Your character is a black man shooting other black men. The graphics and the look of the game is very simple, but don’t let it make you think that it’s an easy game to play. It requires some of your skills. Controls are also simple.
You just use your mouse when you want to point the gun and click the left button when you want to shoot. Every target you shoot you get 10 points. At the beginning it will be quite easy, but as you progress, targets appear in some very awkward places and it will be very difficult to shoot them. So be careful because if you stay without bullets, the level will restart and you will lose all your score!


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