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Red Velvet Cake: Sara’s Cooking Class

Do you like desserts such as cakes, bread and other pastry products? If your answer is a yes, then there is a good, delicious treat when you read this article. Although the treat is not a food, you will surely be satisfied with the content of this article. But let us first discuss the good thing about desserts. One is because of their sweetness that balanced the taste buds after a meal such as lunch or dinner. Second is because they serve as goodies in different occasions such as birthdays and weddings. Last is because of the fact that they involve sugar which makes life sweeter and energized.
The treat in this content refers to the flash game called Red Velvet Cake: Sara’s Cooking Class. The objective of this game is very simple which is to create a three layer cake by following the instructions in the game. There are different decorations and toppings available as well as the flavors of your cake which can be different depending on the required details in each level.



Latest rush in Uphill Rush 9

The success of a flash game series can be seen not only in the level of difficulty and uniqueness but also to the number of editions or installments just like the flash game series Uphill Rush. It has now come up with its ninth and latest edition in Uphill Rush 9. Since this is the ninth offering, players can expect more challenges as well as entertaining features with it. From the first up to the latest, this series has never fail to surprise its avid followers and gamers. One can LEARN MORE HERE than any other content. In terms of the objective, players can expect the similarity of this version to the previous ones which is about finishing the race in first place. There are still four types of vehicles such as motorcycles, quad bike, truck and skateboard.
There are six races which a player has to finish before he or she unlocks the next five races. There are options to customize the biker, the vehicle and the clothes as well as the parts of the vehicle. Uphill Rush 9 is a crazy, fun and exciting game for everyone.

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Take down the snowmen in Learn To Fly 2

We are all aware that penguins can’t fly that high but there is a unique flash game which enables them to train to fly higher reach and further distances. The game is called Learn to Fly 2. This is already the second edition from the flash game series Learn To Fly. There are two reasons why this series is very successful. One is because of the characters that are cute and playful. Second is the objective of the game which is all about flying. Continue reading this article for further explanation. As mentioned earlier, this edition features cute characters like penguin and snowmen. The former is the protagonist and the latter is the antagonist.
The main objective is to train the penguin in flying high and far while eliminating ice bergs and snowmen. There are three game modes available such as classic, story and arcade mode. If you are interested in this game, you can visit


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