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Be the prettiest in Classical Princess Makeover

Every young girls dream is to be a princess someday. This has something to do with the themes movies have now which are being watched by young kids, specially girls. Every girl wants to be pretty and elegant that is why they take care of their skin and beauty. If there is one perfect game which suits this dream, it would be the game called Classical Princess Makeover. Based on the title, the player needs to help the princess to be the most beautiful in a party she will attend. There are icons referring to lotions, shampoos, make-ups, and dresses.
Do all your best to make the princess makeover a successful one. Clean her hair, make her skin smooth and shiny using the best lotion and create the perfect make up which will make the princess standout. Enjoy playing Classical Princess Makeover and be fashionable. Search it, play it and help the princess shine the brightest.

classical princess


Save the sweet tooth in Papa Louie 3

Do you like sweets? Do you always eat them? You don’t need to answer the question but rather read the article regarding sweets with a twist. Sweets are sweet thing to satisfy the sweet tooth of many people but too much of everything can lead to certain implications. Everything should be taken in moderation. Anyways, the reason why sweets are tackled is because it is related to the main topic which is Papa Louie 3. It is a flash game about fighting againsts candies and sundaes. Confuse or curious about Papa Louie 3? Scroll down and see the answers. Papa Louie 3 is a game where Papa Louie needs to survive the attack of the sundaes as well as save the customers from the evil troops of Radley Madish.
The player’s role is to help Papa Louie and the customers fight and survive the sundae attack by jumping, kicking, and sliding through angry candies and sundaesauruses. There are total of 48 badges that players need to collect to finish the whole game. The game can be controlled using keyboard and mouse. If you experience playing Papa Louie 3, all you can say is Yes Yes Yes!

papa louie 3

Save the Earth in Raze 3

Are you familiar with Raze 3? Do you have a hint of what is this all about? Well, if you are unsure or clueless, don’t worry because you can achieve information about this game here and finish reading this article.
Raze 3 is the third installment of the series Raze. There are elements that are the same with the previous versions as well as new features are presented in Raze 3.The same elements and rules and the role of the players which are to save the earth by playing as a warrior and fight futuristic creatures and aliens. The most interesting feature is the Human and Alien Campaign where a player needs to finish the Human campaign before going on the next campaign. At the end of every level, you will be able to get points and bonuses which you can use in upgrading weapons and unlocking new features. Play Raze 3 now at the given link and virtually save the Earth.

raze 3

More adventure awaits you in Castle Cat 2

Are you ready for more Castle Cat action? Good, because your favorite half castle, half cat character is back with a vengeance in Castle Cat 2. Packed with more action and adventure, the second installment of this adorably awesome game series will definitely blow your mind. In Castle Cat 2, you must eliminate your enemies using the weapons in your arsenal- the mace, and the cannon. To use the mace, use the spacebar. To use the cannon, use the CTRL button. You must also collect coins as you move further ahead the game. Don’t forget to avoid cars and collect bonuses, too!
Castle Cat 2 is a super fun addition to the Castle Cat game series. Here, you get to play with your favorite cat and accompany him on another mind-blowing adventure. Play now! You won’t regret it.

Castle Cat 2

Snail Bob Games for Little Kids

Did you enjoy Snail Bob games series? Then I supposed you still want more games like Snail Bob. You have come to the right place! I have here a link that can give you what you want. You can investigate this site to find more other games that are much likely to give you a bubbly outlook throughout the day.
If you have played all the versions of Snail Bob games, you will definitely enjoy other games that have the same kind. Its light-paced gameplay and cheerful appearance will absolutely catch the attention of your little babies. It is easy to control using your mouse so you will not have any problem to let your kids play with it. So, call your kids now and let them focus their attention to these little cute characters like Snail Bob. They will surely have an awesome time playing!

Snail Bob games

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