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Kill your enemies in Castle Siege

Another cool game is here to get you addicted! Castle Siege is a simple yet full of fun flash game. Its simple graphic may not get your attention, but once you started playing it, you will be entertained and will surely let you spend hours playing it. The objective of the game is to build and protect your own castle. You can kill your enemies who want to destroy your castle by shooting them a fireball and you can kill them with an arrow bow once your towers are built. You can use gold that you earn to upgrade the defense of your castle.
However, keep in mind that you will face many different kinds of enemies. Some of them walks and runs and some are giants that are easy to kill. You will also see a flying dragon as an enemy. You should be careful with those for they can destroy your castle easily.

Castle Siege


Play Scary Woo on your PC

There are thousands of scary games on the internet and millions of people are playing them daily, some of them download them on their computer, laptops, and smartphones while many of them play online because these kind of games don’t require a high speed of internet and can be played easily on the low-speed PCs as well perfectly. Scary Woo games can be counted in this category. Although, the game is simple, yet it is hard to complete because of hard levels and stages. The plot is created using much high graphics, so it may take some time to load.
I would like to advise you that first of all play it yourself and then if you liked it must share it with your friends and family using social media sites and other platforms, such as Facebook, twitter, forums, mobile SMS, and Youtube.

scary woo

scay woo

Play Japanese Jello game carefully

“I think I have written something about it in my previous articles, so let me explain it more here in this article too. Well, the author Shaung Flights created and designed anther fun game named Japanese Jello game, where you will be assigned another difficult task. You will face a very hardness to handle the jello by using the spoon. Try now and avoid being falling it on the earth. People of all ages can enjoy it, but it’s specially made for kids.
Nothing is needed to play this game but your mouse. Use it with your spoon, and make sure to keep the sweet slabs in line and be careful. It was launched on 11th of Dec, 2007 and has been enjoyed over 151,586 times. The game can be counted as an action game.

Japanese Jello game

Japanese Jello game 2

Help Piggy in the Puddle

Get the Piggy in the Puddle in this new game which has many puzzles to complete and several levels to finish. Come on and let the swine roll on the platform. Must collect and gather acorns as well use a few other animals who have ability to affect the piggy to guide it successfully to the destination he needs to reach. Much fun is waiting for you in this game. Only the mouse is your control so use it effectively.
In this game, the piggy is not so happy, he is sad and want to be made happy by helping him get dirty as he is too clean and he doesn’t like to be cleaned. The character wants mud bath, but he doesn’t know how to get that bath. Are you able to help him out? Get ready and help.

Piggy in the Puddle

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