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Nice characters in Raft Wars 2

Do you believe that gaming today has made this world busy in playing online games. I know personally many people who go to the market just to purchase heavy VGA cards to keep the games on the computer and play. But this is a fact that nobody nowadays can afford purchasing costly games. The solution is online websites that provide playing online games without having any need to spend hundreds of dollars. Raft Wars 2 is one of those types of games that can be played online for free.
A basic video card is enough to enjoy this game, so check your system before you try to enjoy. Updgrades are also available if needed, colorful characters are waiting for you to enjoy. About 3 characters will welcome you having hard caps on their heads. Give this 2nd edition a try.

Raft Wars 2


Hard to complete Color of Theory

It’s an interesting game that can help you get the exits and you have to change the colors only to find the way to exit. Color of Theory is designed based on perfect color theory. The basic colors that are used in this game are green, red and blue. Cyan, magenta, and yellow colors are the secondary colors. The controls are easy to handle, just use the arrow keys and the R key. Moving and jumping would be possible by pressing the arrow keys while restarting the level will be done by using the R key.
You are going to guide the little dude, which is your best friend through this colorful game. The colors will need to be turned on or off to unlock the paths. The game is enjoyable, but when you reach level 23, you will face some difficulties, so find the ways to pass it.

Color of Theory

Make your fans cheer you name in return man

Get the game face on, hit the ground to receive the game winning return, and move it into the ending zone. Your team needs to score the winning touchdown. The object of this game is simple, at the starting of each stage, catch the return punt, and move it down. Hold the ball in your hands and move it to the finish zone, so that way you will make your fans shout your name and then you will show off a dance showing your happiness. How your fans will appreciate you and how the features will work? well, look these up.
If you know you own the techniques that can make you successful in finishing the levels, then come on and prove it. However, if you didn’t succeed to reach the ball end point, you will lose a level.

return man

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