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More difficulties in Chaos Faction 2

This is a 2nd version of the series Chaos Faction. Chaos Faction 2 has the same actions just like in its first version. Although it has the functions similar to the previous version, but this edition is more improved. As the 1st version, this is also sponsored and designed by Armor Games Inc. It is filled with a lot of action, weapons and shooting, so no doubt it will make you extremely excited. This game is not as a classic one, it has totally different levels. Enjoy this version with more actions, many levels, a lot of guns and a complex plot. Read about all these functions at
While playing the game, you will need to deal with a bit more hard situation because the hardness of this game increases as the levels proceed. So get ready to face some difficulties as long as you go ahead.


Pinata Hunter Games: The Best Series in Online

The Pinata Hunter Games are one the most popular flash game which is played by millions of players online. It is browser based game and is very addictive and filled with entertainment. The series of the Pinata Hunters consists of a total of five chapters. Each chapter is more challenging and more fun packed than the previous chapters. You can master all the editions of this game by using your strategy and skills of shooting the little enemies. The players can make their way through the levels of this flash game by bashing the little Pinatas with loaded weapons and don’t forget to collect all the candies to keep your meter running. You can buy more weapons and upgrades for becoming more powerful than ever. This game is one of player favorites and is known for its unique and simple game play which provides more fun than ever.
The Pinata Hunter Games have received the most positive feedback from its fans and the people just want more and more chapters of this fun series.

Shooting in the County Fair

Everyone likes shooting game because it is full of breathtaking situation. But county fair is a game where you can experience of shooting just like you do in a local fair or in an amusement park.
In here, you have to shoot the green colour objects. You have limited times to shoot as many as green objects. For a perfect bull’s eye you will get maximum point. Unfortunately, the target is a moving one, so it is difficultly to hit a bull’s eye. And be careful about the red objects because if you hit them you will lose your life. You can use 3 lives in a game. So, for a relaxing time County Fair is a perfect mouse controlled game to play at ease.

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