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Scary Maze Game-Don’t Touch Maze Walls

Scary Maze game is one of the popular names in the world of online games. Developers have come up with different versions of this game. Scary Maze Game series 1 to 10, Scary Needle Game, Scary Puzzle Game, Scary Differences, Scary Differences 2, Scary Bubble Game, Scary Racing game and more of scary maze game is attracting players like a magnet. Each of them comes up with unique game play.
In Scary Maze Game, you have to move a dot towards the destination point without touching the wall. Gradually the paths will become difficult but again the game will also become interesting to play. In Scary Bubble Game, you have to pop the bubble but if you pop the wrong bubble, one scramming lady will suddenly appear on the screen and the game will be over. In Scary Differences Game, you will find a screen with two different pictures and you have to find 5 differences among those pictures.



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