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Enjoy Bing Flowerz on bing for free

Bing Flowerz is next level of puzzle games with more styles. You can enjoy it on Bing for free. Regarding action you can have the same feelings of bubble games in which grouping them together and pop up is the play. To enjoy a free action must see this. Even so, at the same time, anything concerning this takes a different approach as well. Flowerz is probably the hottest games you can perform on-line totally free currently due to its originality as well as playability. Flowerz with Bing can be a complementing video game through which you will need to collect flowers of the similar coloration together just before they could be removed. The flowers have to take categories of threes in order to certainly be a profitable integrating. Within the screen, there’s a garden together with a number of flowers in it you will want to shift so that you could be able to set these individuals. As earlier mentioned this specific garden is classified as the flowers which are to be approaching subsequent once you tap the display.



Monkey Go Happy 5: A Unique and Challenging Game!

Monkey Go Happy 5, the fifth version of Monkey Go Happy 5, is a unique game offering loads of fun, more challenging puzzles and great new features. It is, like its prequels, point-and-click arcade style puzzle game in which your sole aim is to make your cute and lovely monkeys happy and cheerful by solving the puzzles successfully. Each of the 15 levels in the game brings with it a new puzzle for you to solve. As you proceed higher, the puzzles get more difficult and tougher, meaning that you would have to think hard to find the solutions. If you still face problem, then you can use the hints or watch walkthroughs on YouTube.
You will find here in this game another new feature which is that now you have achievements that you can strive for like Monkey Brain which you achieve by completing the first 5 levels, Ape the Great by completing all levels and Amazing Ape by completing the game with a score of 70,000 or more and so on. This additional feature gives your game a new turn. So I am sure you would really enjoy playing it. Good Luck!

Sushi Cat 4 – Dad To The Rescue!

Sushi Cat 4 is game that will refresh you. It is a fun game with cute looking characters. Just play it once, and you will get addicted to it, too. In Sushi Cat 4, the game’s protagonist, Sushi Cat, and his wife decide to extend their family and thus, adopt a child. Sushi Jr. is a small purple colored kitten. The little kitten shows an eagerness to learn about new things. The couple plans to take their baby to a fair where it can enjoy all the rides and games. But when they were not looking, someone stole their little baby. This someone is Sushi Cat’s old enemy, Bacon Dog. So, in this game, it is the baby that needs to be rescued. The gameplay is similar to the previous parts. In each level, you have to drop Sushi Cat from the top onto the board and help him eat all the Sushi.

Enjoy Hot Dog Bush Game

Have you ever played the game called Hot Dog Bush? This is a kind of cooking game where you have to run a hot dog stand successfully. The game has come up with a funny story. In the game, you will see that former President Gorge Bush will be thrown form white house. Upset President was thinking how will he earn money and suddenly he notices a hot dog stand. At that moment he decided to give a hot dog stand. You are going to play the role of Mr. President. So don’t miss this opportunity of playing this game. Visit this page and start playing!
There will be a queue of customers. You will be given buns, sausages, and burner to prepare hot dogs. You can cook 3 hotdogs at a time. Don’t keep the hot dog for a long time over the oven as it will be burn.

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