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Challenging Endless War

Boys usually love to play the action games. Actually, these kinds of games are full of excitement. Every time new challenges are given. You will hardly find any boys who don’t love the action game. That’s why here we are going to discuss about an action game. This game is called Endless War. This is an action game series with its different sequels. After the huge success of first two sequels the game has released its third sequel and that is Endless War 3. I know you are interested to play the game. Click here to play the game right now.
Endless Wars comes with four championships. They are Iraq War, WW2 Pacific Ocean, WW3 Human, and WW3 Mutants. If you are a new player then start with Iraq war as it is the easiest one. Challenge lovers can definitely go for the WW3 Mutants as it is the hardest one.


Earn as much money as possible in The Game of Life

In our childhood for indoor games w used to play many board games. One of the popular board game was The Game of Life. No time has changed. Online games offers so many games that we don’t need to go for only one particular board game.  Again, we really miss some of them. That’s why the game like The Game of life in now available for the online games players. Yes, the online version of this game is available. You can click here to play the game.
The Life of Game is a game based on real life situations. In the game you need to take important decisions of your life. Keep in mind that you have to make the right decision at the right time. In the game, your aim is to make the maximum amount of the money. At the end of the game the player with the maximum money will be declared as a winner of the game.

Play Sushi Cat Honeymoon 2

Sushi cat is a very popular game which has lots of online players on the internet. If you have played any installment of the game series then you might know how the game is! Sushi cat honeymoon 2 is another amazing installment of the game which is referred as the best game ever.
Sushi Cat Honeymoon 2 is one the best board game on the internet which has very huge popularity on the internet. This game is a board game where Sushi cat is fighting with Bacon dog. Bacon dog has kidnaped the Sushi cat’s wife and now he is trying to get her wise wife back. This game is considered as a good board game because there are lots of entertaining materials in the game. If you have a good computer with a speedy internet connection you can try the game online for free. You can enjoy this game sitting at your home.

Play Red Beard 2

The first installment Red Beard was a very impressive game but very basic idea was used in the game. There was also insufficient technology to make a high quality games. Finally the Red Beard 2 is published on the internet with the most recent features. You have the chance to learn more here.
Red Beard 2 is improved three times more than its old one. Story of a game is very important for making the game popular. Obviously the game has the finest storyline. The game is separated into different levels and all of them are full of challenge. As the game is now too much improved the difficulty level is also improved a lot. In the game you will now face bigger monsters than before. Graphics of the game is improved too much that you can’t imagine. Control of the game is not changed to keep it popular as before.

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