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A Walkthrough of Tactical Assassin 2

The popular game series Tactical Assassin 2 has several installments. The second installment of the game is quite interesting than any of its previous ones. The game is quite challenging as there are many features added to the game. This site offers the game free to play and download.
Tactical Assassin 2 is not much high by graphics quality so there is no need to have a high performance computer. Even sometimes you can play the game on your flash powered portable devices. Android devices support the game quite well. You can download the android version of the game and can play it anywhere you wish. The game is really very helpful to pass time. You will never realize the amount of time you are passing by playing and enjoying the game. You can choose different guns for shooting considering the distance and other circumstances. Grab the chance to play the game now.


Enjoy Bubble Shooter For Free!

Bubble Shooter is one of the renowned titles in the world of Bubble games. This is a game that is loved by every aged group people. You can play the game again and again. Trust me, it won’t bore you for a single moment. You can start playing the game right now. Visit this site for playing Bubble Shooter.
Bubble Shooter is obtainable in different gaming websites. All websites offer this game Free. So, you only need your internet connection to play this game. If you feel that, you don’t want to play it with internet access then you also have option of downloading the game. It will take 2-3 minutes to download the game in your PC. Now, the game is available for iOS and android device. So, enjoy Bubble Shooter in your gadgets. Most of the websites are trusted so you don’t need to worry for extra charges and the viruses that may affect your PC.

A Foot Racing Game- Platform Racing 3

Are you a fan of racing games? Here you are going to introduced with a different racing game, which is Platform Racing 3. Actually, it is a foot racing game. You can play the game both in single player and double player mode. You can visit this site to play the game.
In the game there will be two characters. They are Marcellus and Ali. You can choose one of them if you are playing is single player mode. In the beginning you are allowed to customize your look. You can also adjust your character’s speed, acceleration, jump height etc. You can control the game with keyboard. You can use right arrow or ‘D’ for the right move, left arrow and the ‘A’ for left move, up arrow or ‘W’ for jump, down arrow or ‘S’ for charge a super jump and space bar for use an item.
Have Fun.

Hambo Fighting for Bacon in Hambo Game

Hambo is an action game. There are 2 versions of the game and next will be released very soon. The game is available in internet and you can play it for free. Visit any website to learn more about it.
Hambo Game comes with a touching story. In the game Hambo and Bacon are true pork friends. Here, you will see them in different situations. You are the one who is going to play the role of Hambo. One day, Hambo and Bacon go to Vietnam to spend their vacation. While returning, they are captured by a Cop. Hambo managed to escape from there but Bacon couldn’t. So, Hambo decides to fight with the enemies to get Bacon back. In doing so, you have to complete 36 different levels successfully. Each level will come with different challenges and you have to fight with them until you are dead.
Have Fun!

A Colorful Bubble Game- Bubble Struggle 3

One of the popular bubble game series is Bubble Struggle. This game is different from the usual bubble games. Now, you can enjoy the third installment of this fun game. The game is available in different gaming sites. You can visit this site and play for free.
Here, you will see a animated character. This is a pink colored character with weapons. You will see some bubbles are coming in your screen. You have to shoot it otherwise it will hit you. Again the shot bubble will be divided into some segments and if the segment hits you, you will die. In this installment, you will be able to run and side scroll. The graphic of the game is basic. You will find improvement in the game play and the option. You will get point according to the accuracy of your shooting. You can also get bonuses for good performances.

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