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Bomb It 1: Exploration and Explosion

One of the trending Flash games which is based on classic SNES-era games is Bomb It 1.This is also one of the most effective, and quite addicting emulating games. There are two modes in the game. One is a one player mode and the other is the two player mode. You get to become a robot in this game wherein you have to explode all the things found around him within a certain time. There are also levels with different difficulty. You can also use special items like shield, liquid medicine, boots, bells, grenade, and supernatural gloves that appear as the bombs explode. For every level, you will experience different backgrounds and atmosphere. They are designed with amazing designs. For example, in level one, you will see ice creams all around while there is a cake in the middle. In that case, you have to explode all the ice creams using your bombs. So, can you imagine the great designs and this amazing game? Explore and explode the game today!


Game of Life Online: The Journey and Development of the Game

The success of the Game Of Life Online game have gone centuries back. This game was originally a game board created in 1860 by Milton Bradley. It was America’s first popular parlor game. This game was then called “The Checkered Game of Life”. Even then, this game had proven to be so popular and well-loved by gamers the world over. This board game depicts the life of an individual as he journeys through life, from the being in college up until one reaches retirement. This depicts the life of an individual as he journeys through life in every way. A modern version of the game was created by Reuben Klamer, in collaboration with Bill Markham in 1960, a hundred years later from its first release. Several other developments followed this until it reaches this new and modern Game of Life online game. Just as the time went on, the development for the game simply followed the trend. Making this game more adaptable to its current gamers.

Wreak Havoc to Your Enemies in Endless War 3

Endless War 3 is a shooting game that needs a lot of good strategies to finish.  This particular sequel of the game is a compilation of the first three Endless War series.  This game will bring you to different set of eras such as: Dead War, World War 2, Apocalyptic World or Vietnam War.  You have to face a horde of enemies in an endless war where victory is the only hope for survival.  Endless War 3 is an adrenaline rush shooter game.   In this game, you can choose your aircraft, develop your weapons and defenses, upgrade your equipment, and wreak total havoc to your opponents.  It is your duty to eradicate all the enemies to complete domination.  Each will present its own challenges as the opponents will shift tactics and employ advanced technology against you. To succeed, you must build the ultimate fighting machine and hone your skills to razor-sharp precision.

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